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Ember: Shaping Dreams into Realities

At Ember, we're on a mission to turn visionary dreams into tangible outcomes.

Experienced Team

At Ember Stays, our team, comprised of seasoned professionals with a rich background in the tech industry, identified a trend in the way people seek vacation experiences. They observed a growing desire for high-quality accommodations that offer both luxury and flexibility. This insight led to the creation of EmberStays.com, with a focus on providing exceptional nightly rental homes that cater to the modern traveler's needs. Our team's collective vision is to revolutionize the vacation rental market by offering luxury properties that ensure memorable and hassle-free stays. As we continue to grow, Ember Stays is committed to expanding the possibilities of travel, making unforgettable vacation experiences accessible to all.
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Kurt Avarell

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James Sukhan

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Jake Nielson

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Ember Stays Edgewater
Desert Color, Utah

Our mission

At Ember, we're passionate about turning vacation dreams into unforgettable experiences. Ember Stays is dedicated to offering luxury homes for nightly rentals, providing you with the perfect escape from the everyday. Our mission is to make luxury and comfort accessible to all, using cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence. We believe in the magic of travel and the joy of new adventures, creating opportunities for you to make lasting memories and explore new horizons. Join us as we redefine the vacation rental industry, ensuring that your next getaway is both memorable and hassle-free.

Our history

Founding of Ember

James Sukhan and Kurt Avarell found Ember, pioneering vacation home co-ownership.

Initial Market: Southern Utah

Ember opens Southern Utah, offering co-ownership opportunities near the 'Mighty 5' national parks.

Series A: $17.4M Boost

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, leads Ember's Series A, infusing $17.4M into its vision.

New Market: California Dreaming

Ember opens Southern California, offering co-ownership opportunities along the SoCal beaches.

New Market: 30A Florida

Ember opens 30A Florida, offering co-ownership opportunities along the Emerald Coast.

$100M AUM Milestone

Ember hits a key milestone, managing $100M in real estate assets.

Launch of Ember Stays

Ember unveils EmberStays.com, expanding its innovative product line to include high-end nightly rentals that power the Ember Flex product.

Ember's Forward March into 2024

Watch for more exciting announcements from Ember in 2024.

Our impact

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